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L’Homme et l’Environnement | Activites
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Man and the Environment is fighting against the disappearance of incredible natural areas, for local and common good.


There is still much to be done, because a long term commitment is necessary to reduce development differences, to ensure a sustainable development and awareness rising.


Funds are necessary to take actions, but even individual commitments can make a real difference.


Man and the Environment was founded in a large part because it was at that time too complex for the existing NGOs to manage holistic approaches, particularly when including economic aspects and biodiversity protection.


Activities led for 15 years by the NGO were never done before in a same organization, from biology and agricultural development to health and education.


One of the key approaches since 2001 had been developing economic sectors in order to promote natural resources and their conservation. Community productions of essential oils from local plants involving occidental buyers had been particularly developed.


The NGO has a strong vision of promoting local empowerment. Local markets are promoted, along with attention to the needs, for populations and local authorities to take charge of their future while taking care of biodiversity.

Social trips

Malagasy people are very welcoming. The simplest help to give is to take a trip to the field.

Smart travelers, open minded students, tourists hoping for magical discoveries or individuals concerned by the planet, Madagascar is the place to relax or to be active.

Eco tourism

When luxury is not the purpose of the trip, one can appreciate even more the beautiful and incredible magic of the nature and the sense of welcoming of the local population.


The amazing protected area of Vohimana is « relatively » easily accessible for a soul ready to discover. Our ecotourism infrastructure is welcoming visitors in the heart of a gorgeous forest, while 100% of profits are given to local communities. Further, Vohibola, close to the Indian Ocean, is a spectacular village, and offers small basic rooms in villagers’ houses or comfortable hotels near the ocean. For adventurous minds, going to Ambohidravy or discover the last shelter of Fohisokina harlequin frog can become the adventure of a life time.


The NGO can manage hosting visitors at the shelter and has tour operators as partners to organize trips.


Site: www.vohimana.com 

Contact : ecotour@mate.mg

Internships and volunteering

Since its creation, Man and the Environment has been convinced of the importance of listening and of what young and less young people can bring.


The NGO in Madagascar was structured with a special program to welcome and host university interns and volunteers.


Contact : vsc@mate.mg