L’Homme et l’Environnement | Organisation dédiée à traitre la disparition des ressources naturelles
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Man and nature wanted to face the challenge of showing that fighting against poverty and protecting the environment can go along.

mantella cowani

Biodiversity is crucial for a healthy human development. Climate, as well as social and economic balances, is also essential.


Madagascar is full of natural and human resources, with an extremely poor rural population. The big island represents a laboratory for the whole world.

alambic Vohimana

Challenges are huge, but so are opportunities. Innovations and analysis are the keys and the NGO is taking actions based upon 25 years of experience in the field, known for the future prospects they represent.

Man and the Environment regroups actors from the big island and from the north working along to create a better more respectful future.
Two juridical identities collaborate between Madagascar and France.

Man and the Environment

Founded in 1993, man and nature is an NGO under the Malagasy law.


Objective: to support transfer of management from these areas full of biodiversity to local entities and populations, because we are convinced that it is the key to a sustainable environment preservation.


It is directed by a volunteer office and counts a permanent technical team composed of innovative young people and yearlong-experienced seniors.


Man and the Environment offered strategical advises, and then was in charge of “experimental protected areas” management in order to put in place conservation actions linked to development.

Man and the Environment

Man and the Environment France is an international solidarity association under the French law, founded in 2005.


Objective: to increase individuals’ and businesses awareness on the key issue of biodiversity protection for sustainable development, highlighting the work done in Madagascar.


The association had been declared of general interest under the French law, and offers to its supports tax deductions for donations up to 66% (see if eligible).